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Our wonderful, inspiration friend, Bryan Swain, who sadly is no longer with us...............ride fast, smile long

 No matter what your background, I find it extremely rare for even non-riders not be inspired by what our para colleagues achieve.  For many disabled riders, the thought of riding alongside able bodied riders is too bewildering but they, without exception, conquer challenges daily and find it hard to understand how inspirational they are to those around them.


Julie is a Grade IV para rider, graded by the FEI and both she and Stan are registered with the FEi as international competitors for 2014.  Her debut for GB was at Bishop Burton CPEDI2*, where a combination of placings for 4th and 2nd left her with an overall 3rd for her international debut - the stuff that dreams are made of.


Julie and Stan hold national titles for:

Grade IV Restricted Champion - Winter 2014

Grade IV Restricted Champion - Hickstead Summer 2014


Julie works with a number of disabled riders, known in the equestrian world as 'para-equestrain' riders; her professional (non-equestrian) background enables our clients to feel real benefits, challenges, and rewards, whether your disability is physical, mental, or you have severe to mild learning difficulties.  Julie's background includes running training courses (and development programmes) for those who have struggled with certain areas of professional training, those with physical limitations and temporary/permanent disability.  She has many years experience as an Equality and Diversity trainer and casework officer and has a sound working knowledge of supporting legislation.











Coaching, training and developing those who ride for pleasure



Putting smiles into schooling!


Success is personal

& success with your equine friend...

thats special

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