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Ever worked with someone who you feel holds back? Well, not me, I'm a firm believer that knowledge isn't power.. .only by sharing can we truly grow.



I value each and every client and it genuinely is of no consequence what level you're at or what you want to achieve....whatever your aim is, I'll help you get there!  Having been involved in professional coaching (in the work environment), mentoring and delivering workshops on coaching teams for high performance, there are lots of techniques, formats, at processes at hand that adds depth to the support you'll receive.

Goal based coaching plans are available to everyone and each and every coaching session is accompanied by a written record for you, summarising whats recently happened, high and lows, what we do in the session (exercises, tips etc) and a section on what follow up there is (most ladies laugh and call it their homework section!) .  Ever felt frustrated that you cant remember what exercises worked....well thats all history with our coaching session overview form.  I'm keen to know what makes you tick (away from the horses), what you do professionally and how you like to learn; every client has the option of completing a rider profile and telling me, from the outset, exactly what you want from me and how I can help.

Periodically, I also carry out analysis of the coaching that's delivered, seek your feedback on how I can make the coaching better for you and take your input on areas for improvement.   I follow a strong personal and professional development plan to make sure I also keep fresh and up to date.  We'll reflect on how your last 6 months (or however long) has gone and look at goals for the next 6 months.  If you'd like to compete (about a third of clients just want to enjoy their horses at home and dont want to compete) then I'll also sit down and help you formulate a competition plan too.

I strongly believe that sharing knowledge is a crucial as breathing and I'm more than happy to share how DCUK supports, guides, trains and develops clients with other coaches and trainers from not only the horse world, but other sporting and/or professional environments. 











Coaching, training and developing those who ride for pleasure



Putting smiles into schooling!


Success is personal

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