Thermal Imaging




So very excited to be able to now offer an amazing new dynamic edge to our coaching


Now offering thermal imaging to clients to give a dynamic edge to our coaching...


The use of thermal imaging is to support the professional specialists you work with, giving vital ‘real time’ thermal imagining before, during and after work


Pictures transferred immediately for your retention and use by specialists to help inform management of the equine – and human – athlete
(You and your horse)


Understand what ‘normal’ looks like


Identify heat


Some thermal images can be used with sporting relevance (i.e. more weight on one seat bone, creates more heat and is visible), however, diagnosis and use in reference to the medical well being of you and your horse won’t be offered – however, the images will provide important and invaluable information for use by specialists


We recommend Rachel Hodson - an amazing equine therapist - to interpret the images and consider them in your horses treatment/wellbeing plan

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