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a brief look at the document support Julie uses to help understand, guide, train, develop and coach you

We'll normally start with a normal session sheet, bit of a Ronseal moment really, does what it says on the tin!   There's then a wide choice of what you'd like to use, what we can use to help us, and how we can organise what we're doing (on paper) to help give you the structure to your training that you want.


Not everyone wants their training 'formally' recorded but I've found, through vast experience both in and outside of the equestrian world, that we rarely retain all the information we want (or indeed need) to (and our memories, sadly lol, do fade!).  This is where we can use the individual coaching session records, goal setting, planning and coaching/competing plans, to whatever level YOU want them to be used.  Plus, from a practical perspective, wouldn't it be great to have a few notes about the exercises that work best and your coaches top tips on how to make them work for you?


Of course, please be reassured that your details are only held and seen by Julie, are held in a secure office (with a very good security system) and meet the criteria set by the Data Protection Act.











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